A bespoke concrete garage could be the answer to all your storage needs. With no uniformity in shape or size, you can create the ultimate space that accommodates for any and every situation. From sky high storage, to sectioned off areas at the rear for work, a carefully designed arrangement will provide more useable space than a standard garage.

Traditionally a garage was built in a rectangular shape, with its primary aim to house the car and protect it from the weather. Over the years however, with car sizes increasing, the garage has now become less about storing cars, and more about providing multiple uses. This includes storage of children’s toys, garden furniture and other household items, or even a conversion into another room within the home. Despite this, over 50% of people would still like a place to store their vehicles under shelter.

If you have the space to expand or build a non uniform shape, a bespoke concrete garage could answer this simple problem. A bespoke garage could provide the additional storage you need on the side, have additional overhead storage for toys or furniture and have enough open floor space to store your motor.

To achieve this, there are many different options available. Depending on size, you could build in sections for each part of the garage, and have individual access doors so that each section can be accessed independently. If foot space is not a problem, you can easily segregate sections, building in either a long rectangle shape or create an L-shaped or T-shaped design. If however you need to build upwards, an Apex roof could provide additional overhead storage facilities, with a false roof suspended above. Alternatively, a long garage where there are less defined spaces but a clear gap for the car could be an option, or a mixture of the two.

Bespoke concrete garages can also come with a range of different accessories including roller garage doors, and additional guttering which could be used to collect rain water. A bespoke concrete garage will also offer enhanced levels of strength and security compared to other alternatives like timber or brick. Some of the leading concrete garage manufactures, including specialists Dencroft, have also developed an interlocking system which provides an even great level of strength.

If you are considering a new garage and are looking for more options than what you already have a bespoke concrete garage could well be the best option for you. Bespoke buildings are becoming popular across the UK, with creative artists taking advantage of different features to add style and class, as well as practicality. The Gherkin building in London and the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth are just two examples of bespoke buildings, where creativity has been coupled with practicality. With this in mind, why not take advantage of the creativity to get the perfect garage for your needs.

By creating the design that you require, your concrete garage can become a useable area within your home that will not only provide much needed additional space, but also alter the way you use your garage.


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