Although 2018 is still in its infancy, it appears that this year is the year to get things done on your home. Lots of homeowners are always looking at ways to upgrade, update and add value to their properties and this year is no different.

Improvement trends in recent years include upgrades in home security, adding in new entertainment systems and changing the use of garages in to additional dining, living or bedrooms. Below, the team at Clear View in Yorkshire have listed some of the top ways you can upgrade your home this year.

Security and safety

Making sure your home is secure is one of the biggest fears for many homeowners. Over the years, improvements have included adding gates (electric or manual), lights on sensor and much more. With the increase in technology and smart apps over the past few years, you can now control security via your phone with motion sensors, cameras, and much more.

However, with lots of security running of technology, some people are thus turning back to older methods to ensure safety in their home but taking advantage of some better technology; getting the best of both worlds.

However you decide to do it, getting your home secure and safe is of vital importance and continually assessing your safety methods is vital.

Home entertainment and comforts

People are actually spending more and more time at home, so making sure yours is geared towards the changes in technology and the demands of the modern family. Adding new plug sockets so more things can charge is one way in which people are getting more savvy to demanding technological use.

Investing in new windows, adding new lighting, purchasing the best mattress possible or laying down new flooring can all improve your home and your enjoyment of it. Whilst some of these things can be big jobs, and others are just for your personal comfort, these can play a huge role in altering the happiness you have in your home. For example, windows which add in more natural light can help to improve your mood and health, whilst a better mattress can aid in better sleep which could give you more energy to do more things.

Getting things automated

People are also getting lazier and want more things to be done for them via the use of automatization. This can include thinks like Alexa to tell you the news or weather, Apps to turn on lights or the heating so you don’t need to move from your sofa/bed and much more.

Some of these automation systems can help to reduce your energy costs by allowing you to stay more in control of what you are spending, as well as refine your energy use.

These are just some of the many ways in which you can look to upgrade your home, following common methods by many families across the UK. Everyone will have their own personal preference as to how they do it, but this could give you the ideas to turn your home in to your house.

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