The mere thought of getting your own home done for you can be so exciting and thrilling. But it also can be a bit overwhelming if you are trying to do it all alone. It is good to have a professional service provider by your side to carry your burden and assist you.

The first step in getting any home done is having a home plan created. However, it is easier said than done. It is better to work with to get a custom home plan designed for you. Here is a quick snapshot of process that we follow for custom home designing.

Step 1: Getting To Know You

Remember this is your home. You are the one who is going to spend a lifetime there. So it is very important that the design appeals to your senses and makes you feel warm and comfortable. So we start by talking to you and trying to understand your concept of a home. We try to understand your vision of a home so that we can put it on paper for you.

Step 2: Understand the Location and Budget

Once we understand what you like or dislike, we next try to understand the location of the upcoming house. We try to see where it will be located and how much space you have available. We also then understand your budget to get a grip on the financial aspect.

Step 3: Generate a Floor Plan

The next step is to generate a floor plan for you that meets your vision of your home, does justice to the space available, and also does not exceed your budgetary limitations. You can always make recommendations or demand changes to the floor plan. You can also show it to your builder if you want. We continue working on the plan till you are satisfied completely.

Step 4: Create 3-D Plan

Once you and your builder are on the same page and have approved the plan, we then move to the computer and create a 3-d look of the plan for you to get a better visual of your home. It is possible that at this stage you may not like what you see or may need changes done. Your builder also may come up with a few more suggestions. We implement these changes and recommendations and finally give you a home plan that is designed for you.

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