Eclectic, healthily cluttered, anti-minimalistor whatever it is that you prefer to call it, here are some tips to achieving what is essentially a bohemian look in your own home. This look is becoming increasingly popular and we can see why!

  1. Hide not your treasures

Some call it clutter but those who favour the bohemian trend call it a display of memories. Everything you own, from books to bags, is linked to a memory and should be displayed proudly.

  1. Decorate from top to bottom

A free spirited space should not have limitations. For this reason, bohemian spaces often have unconventional furniture pieces such as low-standing beds or tables and cushions on the floor in place of chairs. Ceilings no longer need to be high open spaces either and can instead be decorated with hanging planters, beaded door curtains, mosquito nets and extravagant light fittings.


Why sit on a chair at the table when you can curl up on a puffy cushion or ottoman, an artistic lantern above you, as you read a book?

  1. Impose patterns on patterns

My mom always told me that patterned materials go with solid colours and vice versa, but my mom didn’t follow the boho décor trend.

Go ahead and add floral scatter cushions to your already-patterned couch, put a rug on top of the carpet, and mix your solid wood furniture with a countertop that resembles stone or slate, such as a Formica LifeSeal Worktop. Then go ahead and add more patterns.

The best thing about bohemian style is that things are allowed to, and should, clash.

  1. Allocate plants everywhere

No matter how hard you try, you won’t have mastered the bohemian look until you have more plants than furniture –and plastic plants don’t count! Place your greenery on wooden plant stands, in cubes and on shelves against the wall, on window sills, and hang it from the ceiling.

  1. Showcase your arts and crafts

Whether you create your own art or buy it from the local charity store, art in some form or another is necessary for the ultimate boho-home.

If you are crafty, and we know you probably are, make full use of your crafty items, from ribbons to paint brushes – see everything as an extra décor opportunity. Display your paint brushes in an old paint tin and voila – you have a colourful artistic piece in your home.

Now go forth and decorate with abandon.

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