It’s ground-breaking news, revolutionary in fact, and you are the very first people to hear it, well read it to be exact, but a top team of researchers (well, actually just me…but I am fab if I say so myself) have found out that men can multi-task! No longer is it only women who can hold a baby, cook tea, design the must have dress, complete a 4,000 word project and hover at the same time (where do they hold that Hoover – that’s what I want to know), but apparently certain men can too.

Well, kind of…

Multi-purpose professionals

What I am trying to say, is when you are looking for someone to do that niggly job in your home that of course you are very capable of doing, but you just can’t find the time, and you work hard so why should you, don’t just think plumbers do plumbing, electricians do electrics, you get the general idea here. Nowadays, more and more businesses are diversifying. So, shock horror, some plumbers do… electrics, and some electricians do…plumbing.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you will get a well trained electrician who just fancies himself as a bit of a catch with a wrench, or a plumber with a bit of a stripy wire fetish going on, we are talking companies that have branched out.

Examples please

Take a plumber for example. They are just plumbers aren’t they? But take a look at Plumbing Engineering website and you soon see that often they can turn their skilled hands to a lot more besides. Did you hear the one about the plumbing company who could install natural gas generator? The plumbing company who did building? It’s no joke! More and more companies are expanding into other areas. It makes sound business sense, but it’s a winner for the client too!

Under one roof

Pardon the pun (roof – builder – teehee, snigger…..), but using the same contractor can be a big advantage. They can combine jobs making it cost effective, they get to know your property and its quirks, they get to know you…and your little quirks, you know you will get a job done well and quickly and in the world of property maintenance, that can come to mean a lot.

So next time you need a job doing, think outside the box – in today’s climate, things aren’t always as they seem.

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