Living in a wood house is a dream of many adventurous people. Do you have any such aspiration of owning a timber house of your own may be in the suburbs or in a forest? This can be one of the best investments of your lifetime as from this- you’re going to have an amazing experience of living in a forest cabin. Whether you’re a nature’s kid or have a passion for hunting- having a log house somewhere close to the wilderness can be thrilling. In fact, you can also earn from the property by giving it away for rent when you’re not staying there. Else, it can be a cabin home of your own where you can stay close to nature and enjoy the best of the ambience created by the wood smell and textures.

Before building the timber house, find the best lumber yard owned by the top timber seller in your locale. Consider a couple of factors when choosing them—

Ratings and reviews

Take a close look at the ratings and reviews of the timber company. This is the best way to know about the timer yard if you don’t have any prior knowledge about the service provider. Visit the website to know about the establishment. In fact, all the top rated companies proudly share the testimonials presented by the clients to enhance the confidence of the future customers. Also, you can check the Better Business Bureau ratings to get the accurate status of the timber company.


It’s strongly mentioned to buy the required amount of bulkhead material, piers, pilings, treated timber etc from a local lumber yard run by a reputed timber merchant. Make sure, they have earned the goodwill by providing the best quality timbers for the past several years.

Standard of the lumber yard

Visit the selected lumber yard to check how they work and also to explore the different variety of the timber products they sell.

Varity of timbers and designs

You can check the variety of timbers they have in stock. Check whether, they sell the exact types of timber you want whether for building the frames or to build the doors, window panels etc. If you’re looking for readymade wooden floor tiles, check whether the sellers have those.


A certification from the stat or the rainforest is necessary to check along with the license.

These are a few things to consider when choosing a timber seller.

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