While designing your bedroom, you must ensure that it is a relaxing and rejuvenating space. This means it should not attract negative energy and affect your health, wealth, and career. To keep negative energy out and attract positive energy, consider opting for Vastu-compliant bedroom designs. Although people pay heed to the bed and furnishings, they often forget about the wardrobe. Mentioned below are a few tips that will help to design a Vastu-compliant bedroom cupboard:

01 of 0 Direction of the wardrobe as per Vastu

According to experts, your bedroom wardrobe should always face southwest. However, if it is not possible, you can consider the northwest direction. This helps to ensure the constant flow of money in your house. If you have a heavy wardrobe, you can place it on the south or west wall when the bedroom door opens to the north. Make sure that you do not place your wardrobe in any other direction as it can lead to heavy losses. Do not install a wardrobe with mirrors in your bedroom to ensure that the room is completely Vastu-compliant.

02 of 0 Placement of the wardrobe as per Vastu

You must keep in mind the ideal placement to ensure that the bedroom cupboard is Vastu-compliant. Make sure that there is at least a 3 inch gap between the wall and the wardrobe. This is done to ensure that air can move freely behind it and nothing can stop the positive energies from circulating. You need to place your bedroom furniture towards the northeast and the doors of your wardrobe should not face the toilet. If the doors face towards the toilet, you might lose health and wealth. Also, your wardrobe doors should never open to the south. Only east is considered an auspicious direction. Otherwise, disruption between family members and arguments will become frequent.

03 of 0 Vastu-compliant colours for your wardrobe

Experts suggest always choosing light colours for the bedroom furniture and bedroom walls. This is because light colours attract more positive energies in your bedroom and feel soothing to the eyes. You must avoid dark colours for your bedroom at all costs. Dark colours attract more negative energies and bring in various problems in life. There are many colour options available in the market that you can use to attract positive energies in your room and make it appear appealing such as shades of light yellow, white, cream, beige, etc. Using these colours helps to open up the space that ensures the smooth flow of positive energies.

04 of 0 Choose a design that is Vastu-compliant

There are many bedroom wardrobe designs you can opt for. However, not all of them are Vastu-compliant. To ensure that your wardrobe design is Vastu-compliant, you must ensure that it is made of iron and wood. Materials such as marble or other stones should be avoided at all costs. Also, the shape of your wardrobe should be square or rectangular. Also, it is best if you choose a wardrobe that features a single-door design. You must never choose a shape that is unusual or odd for your wardrobe. It is considered inauspicious. Experts suggest a wooden wardrobe to bring in more prosperity in life. While designing the wardrobe, you must always keep in mind that your wardrobe does not feature mirrors as they can reflect the person sleeping on the bed. This can invite more bad energies in life and lead to prolonged health issues. You must avoid installing any mirror in your bedroom as well so that it cannot reflect your image while sleeping.

05 of 0 Arranging wardrobe as per Vastu

Make your bedroom cupboard spacious enough to easily accommodate your personal belongings. You must never add anything unnecessary to your wardrobe and keep reorganising the stored items from time to time. Also, make sure that the wardrobe is clean at all times. Lockers or vaults in your wardrobe should never be empty. Always leave some jewellery and cash in it. Also, it should face north to ensure the continuous flow of wealth. This is because the north direction is owned by the God of Money, Lord Kubera. Leave a few silver coins in your locker or vault if possible.

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