Over the last 50 years technology has come a long way. If you had told someone that in the future everyone will have their own personal communications device that they carry with them, or that we can get all the energy we need from the warmth of the sun they would probably laugh at you. But these developments in technology are not just limited to electronic devices. The ability to digitise the way we analyse, and study items has revolutionised so many industries, some that you may not have even realised.

Let us Talk About it in More Detail:

The manufacture and production artificial grass is one such industry. We all remember as a child seeing the thick green matt which dominated many butchers’ windows back in the 80’s. It was the most fake looking plastic which came in one colour and looked nothing like grass of any kind. It closely resembled a Christmas tree stuck to a rubber mat, and there was never any confusing it with anything but fake grass. Now with advances in polymer science and technology, there are so many varieties of synthetic grass available, all designed to cater to specific needs and environments.

The rule of thumb for those in the industry is to refer to landscaping grass used in yards as Artificial Grass. These types of products are not as tightly woven as Artificial Turf, giving a longer and fluffier pile. Artificial Grass are primarily designed with look and feel in mind, and the durability and functionality less important (although they are still quite good on most types of products). The brand of product you choose, along with the type of grass and the underlay chosen are all particularly important.

What’s New

There are dozens of types of Artificial grass products available many of which are designed to closely replicate the grass breeds which you would commonly see native to houses in your area. Some of these include Fescue, Buffalo and Zoysia just to name a few.

The underlays are also important, and there are now specialised products that can aid in drainage, heat reduction or even removing odours caused by messy pet business. These are usually used in conjunction with the traditional surfaces such as crushed rock, sand, and cement.

Once you have decided on the grass and underlay products you should seriously consider if you intend to lay it yourself or hire a professional installer. This decision might be impacted by the size of your yard and your budget, but the age old saying of you get what you pay for comes into play here. Not only will a professional install greatly improve the appearance of the product, but the lifespan will also be increased significantly. Depending on the amount of traffic your lawn endures, parts not laid professionally may begin bubbling and peeling.

Synalwn Australia is one company utilising the latest technology, creating their various artificial lawns specifically for the Australian climate. Designed to resist extreme heat with high UV, as well as superior drainage for the flash flooding. Best of all its Australian made!

Artificial Turf is designed for the heavy wear caused by sport. It is made extremely tough so that it has the durability to endure whatever the most extreme athletes may throw at it. Running feet, sports cleats, impact from hockey sticks and cricket bats as well as balls from a multitude of sports.

Despite its enduring nature, Sports turf is safer to play on, which might come as a surprise. Its rugged nature can prevent worn out patches of grass and the uneven surface this can create. It is also less slippery when wet and the actual design absorbs more impact.

Some elements that both artificial grass and turf have in common include:

  • They do not require water.
  • Almost no maintenance required.
  • Non-toxic, safe for both children and pets

The average lifespan of artificial grass usually depends on how much use it receives, but it will usually last around 15-20 years. Over these years the amount of time you will save maintaining your lawn, by use of weed killers, lawn mowers, and watering, synthetic grass ends up being significantly cheaper, and can now look better than the real thing.

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