Ductless air conditioners have evolved as the chosen cooling systems for residential properties today. Their ability to contribute towards sustainable living and reduce the adverse effects of climatisation Manuflow Rock Forest has contributed to their popularity.

However, there are a few myths about them making rounds which can be confusing for an end user. Let’s try to address these myths here.

Myth 1: They are Meant for New Constructions Only

Fact: They can be installed in existing properties also.

Since these units occupy very less space, they are ideal for homeowners who want to upgrade their in-house cooling systems without making ducts and vents. You don’t need to spend additionally of duct work.

Myth 2: They Provide Uneven Cooling

Fact: They distribute cool air evenly throughout the house.

Window based AC units are known to provide uneven cooling into the 4 corners of the same room. However, a ductless AC system distributes the air evenly and maintains the same temperature in every single corner.

Myth 3: They Do Not Purify Air

Fact: They purify air and through air filtering mechanism.

Many people believe that ductless air conditioning systems collect germs and bacteria and circulate these allergens inside your home. Some people believe that these systems give out ‘stale’ air. However, the truth is so much different than this.

Ductless systems contain filters and self-cleaning mechanism built in them. So these systems, in fact, do collect the allergens and pollens from the room and instead of circulating them back, they dispose them out and circulate back the fresh and clean air.

Myth 4: Absence of Ducts Leads to No Energy Loss

Fact: There is energy loss involved.

People believe that just because there are no ducts present, there will be no energy loss. However, that is again not true. Energy loss always does not happen just from the ducts. But this loss is less than the loss that happens through the ducts. This makes the ductless systems more energy efficient.

Myth 5: Ductless Systems Cost Less in Installation

Fact: The installation cost varies depending on the size of the house.

If you are getting a ductless air conditioning system installed for let’s say a small room or only a small portion of the house then you will see some savings in installation costs. However, if you are installing it for the entire house then the savings may not be much.

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