Summer is a time for many that involve beaches, festivals, and relaxation. However, it is also the perfect time to start getting busy with some improvements! Summer is the best time to start tackling those tasks that may require you to be outside or lose the heating in your home.

These tasks can range anywhere from replacing your boiler to fixing your gutter. Through this article you will find a selection of home improvements to make in summer 2021!

Replace your boiler

To start off with, replacing your homes current boiler. Replacing your boiler is an ideal task to perform in the summer due to the weather being warm.

Do I need to replace my boiler?

If you are unsure if you need a boiler replacement, there are two ways to tell:

  • If your boiler is older than 15 years: This is due to how inefficient older boilers are. Often being rated as low as 65% energy efficiency. Meaning that you will be wasting a lot of energy and money compared to what you would with a modern boiler.
  • If your boiler is constantly breaking down: Not only will this affect how well your home is heated but constantly calling out heating engineers means that you will be spending a lot of money in the long run to fix your boiler.

Finding a replacement

When it comes to looking at new boilers to replace yours with you will want to make sure that you choose the same type of boiler that you currently have. The brand however is up to you and what your budget is. When looking at boilers make sure that you check what warranty is on offer and any special features the boiler may have.

When choosing an installer make sure to select a gas safe registered engineer to install your new boiler.

Replace your windows

Replacing your windows should be on your list if you are living in an older home or a home that does not have double glazing then you should take advantage of these dry summer months.

When replacing windows, make sure the replacements have double or even triple glazing. This way the energy efficiency of your home will increase. Meaning that not only will you be saving money on bills, but the value of your home will also increase. While permits are not always required for these types of jobs it is best to get in contact with your local council to see if that is the case.

Clean your exterior

It is surprising how dirty the exterior of your home can actually get. So, taking care of it with a pressure wash on a hot summer’s day is the perfect way to get a clean exterior.

Driveway and pathways

To start off with, you will want to look at the driveway and pathways of your home. Depending on what kind of material has been used for your driveway and paths you will want to add an appropriate cleaning solution to your pressure washer. This way you will be cleaning to the best of your ability and your driveways and pathways will clean up nicely!


You will next want to move onto the masonry around your home. Again, just like with your driveway, you will want to make sure you put the correct solution in for cleaning your home. You will also want to be careful not to damage your home with the pressure washer. Make sure to check your pressure washers guide to see what the optimum pressure is for cleaning homes.

Clean and replace your gutters

Your gutters are an important part of your home that is often overlooked.

Clean your gutters

Getting up there in the dry summer months will mean that you can ensure that there are not any blockages before those autumn rains. Cleaning out these blockages early will mean once it does rain this water will not be stuck in your gutters. This means there is less chance for water to enter your home and cause damage.

Replace your gutters

If you have gone to clean your gutters and have found that there are some broken or leaking gutters, then summer is the best time to repair them. This way once you have got them repaired, you are ready for the upcoming rainy autumn. It is recommended to hire someone to fix your gutters, so they are properly fixed and installed.

Clean out your pool

Finally, cleaning out your pool. If you have had your pool for a long time, then you will already be a veteran of getting it ready for summer. However, if you have recently had a pool installed or moved into a new home with one there are a few things you need to do to get it ready for summer:

  • Clear debris: To begin with you will want to remove your pool cover and start to remove any debris that may be in the pool. Such as leaves, sticks, or even bugs that may have managed to get inside.
  • Check water chemistry: Next, you will want to check the water chemistry. It can be different how you do this for most pools however reading through your manual will give you an understanding of how to do this. Then make sure to get the water chemistry correct.
  • Clean or replace your filter: You will next want to get round to cleaning or replacing your filter depending on how long you have had it installed. Again, this is different for different pools so make sure to check your manual.

While you can do all this yourself, there are also professionals that you can hire to clean your pool for you. So, there are always professional pool cleaners as an alternative.

These are five home improvements to make in summer 2021. Making sure to get these out of the way at the start of summer will ensure that you can still enjoy all the lovely weather!

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