A good host provides an experience catered to the guest. Think like a hotel manager: cover the basics like proper bedding, provide important phone numbers, food, etc. Next, make sure that your guest is as comfortable as possible in your home.

Here are some other guest hosting tips:

Arrange a Phone Call with Guest 

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a close friend, a distant family member, or a stranger, because they all require some accommodations. Start by asking him about certain diet restrictions. You want to make sure that you purchase food that he actually can and wants to eat.

Next, ask if he has any allergies, sleep requirements, and etc. You want to eliminate anything that could cause your guest discomfort or an illness.  Be extra attentive to their needs by providing additional personal touches, like buying his favorite cereal, travel size bottles of his favorite toiletries, and DVRing or renting his favorite shows or movies.

Discuss arrival and pickup plans. If you need to pick up your guest at the airport, establish a meet up location.

Inspect the House

At least a week prior to your guest’s arrival, conduct a deep inspection of the guest room. Clean out enough closet space for his clothing. Wash and change the linen. Provide extra pillows, blankets, and towels. Next, clean your home; make it sparkle to give a good impression of you and your home.

Note outlets that aren’t working and things that need replacing, like broken lamps or remote batteries. Then fix or replace these things before your guest’s arrival. Supply your guest with a power strip for all his devices, and magazines and books for relaxing entertainment.

Informational Packet

Use photoshop or a word processing program to create an informational packet. Include in it a list of important numbers: yours, a trusted neighbor’s number, pizza delivery number, and etc. Include coupons for local restaurants in the packet. Make sure it also has the wifi password, and a list of recommended places to eat or visit.

If you plan to take your guest around town and to events, create an itinerary of these plans. Keep the schedule flexible to account for last minute changes, or anything that your guest may want to do that is not on the agenda. The itinerary doesn’t have to be detailed, it could be a general outline of your plans.

If you’ll be busy during your guest’s stay, provide him with an outline of your whereabouts and plans, so that he knows where and how to find you in case of an emergency.

Go Grocery Shopping

Buy some basic, easy to eat foods, like fruits, cereals, pizza, and pastries. Additional shopping list items should include snacks, drinks, and ready-made meals.  Also purchase some ingredients for a few special home cooked meals that you plan to make for your guest.

Always offer food and drinks to your guests once they arrive. They are likely starving from the long journey.

Guest Basket

Buy a shower tote, so that your guest can carry all his belongings to the shower without a hassle. Next, create a guest basket. Use coupons to stock up on all the guest basics and a few extras. For example, provide your guests with some slippers to wear while staying in your home. Buy these comfy shoes with Clark’s coupons.

The guest basket should include travel size deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, floss, and razor. It could also include mouthwash, over the counter medicine like Advil, sunglasses, lotion, and special snacks.

Give a Tour of Home

Once your guest arrives, give him a tour of the whole place. Make sure to note any home issues, such as faulty shower head or a broken air conditioner–basically any minor thing that you have become accustomed to but your guest may find to be an inconvenience.

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