If you live in Coquitlam, you’re already familiar with the fair weather that it offers. The area has a warm and temperate climate around the year. The place, however, also experiences rainfall at times, even in its driest month. But if you are able to maintain it, your roofing will not have any problems.

As a homeowner, you need to make sure the roofs are well maintained before the rainy months. You can avoid a lot of roofing issues as long as you have consistent checkups and maintenance on the roof.

What Are the Most Common Roof Problems That You Can Encounter in Coquitlam?

When your roof’s lifespan is about a decade or more, it will start to show various kinds of deterioration. Roofs will break down at one point, and you will need to make sure that you can replace it before it completely falls off. Hence, it’s important to be ready before the rainy months start coming again.

  • Ponding Water

This problem affects roofs that are poorly designed. This is common with flat roofs that don’t have a slope. This problem stems from the poor design of the roof and from poor workmanship.

Because of this, it would help if you hire reliable roofing contractors to do your needed roofing work. Professional roofers can look for the source of the problem and can provide a solution at once since they have the experience and training.

  • Open Seams That Cause Billowing

When your roof’s flashing is not installed properly, the seams can begin to open. This means that pieces of the roof could fly off, and it could also lead to billowing. If the seams with cold adhesives aren’t cured, your roof decreases its wind resistance.

Your roof becomes vulnerable to strong winds, and this can add to its deterioration. You want the roof to stay sturdy at all times, which is why you wouldn’t want this to happen. For a place like Coquitlam where there is always rain, this poses a risk.

  • Formation of Moisture and Leaking

This is the most common problem not only in Coquitlam but also in most cities. Rain can affect roofing more than you think it does. When there are seams on the roof, there can be leaks that develop from it.

When the flashing at the seam is not installed, it can develop leaks in a fast manner. Installing the proper flashing can help, but it needs proper maintenance. Always check your roof for leaks and replace the flashing when needed.

  • Roof Damage and Pests

You can’t stop animals from crossing over your roof. But sometimes they are the cause of your roofing problem. Squirrels, mice, rats, insects, or birds are often attracted to debris that is on the gutters. There are even birds who build nests on the roof which could damage it.

How? Birds can puncture or scratch the roof as they build their nests. If this is unattended, your roof will become infested and will damage all the more.

If you are experiencing one or two of the most common roofing issues in Coquitlam, call your trusted roofing experts immediately and save your roof.

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