The walls of your house are an expression of you. Hence, they need to look whatever you have in mind. Sometimes having a simple coat of paint is not enough to do so. However, you can choose to go for wallpapers. While paints remain the first choice for walls, using wallpapers is becoming much more common day by day.

However, like many more, you may be new to all things wallpaper. This means you have a ton of questions about wallpapering. One of them and probably the biggest one is how to go through the seemingly endless selections to find the best one. Hence, here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

Match wallpaper with room style

The first thing you need to remember is that your wallpaper and the room should look like they are made for each other. More precisely, the wallpaper should match the style of the room that you’re putting it up in.

If your room is casual, you should go for a beadboard or stucco are a great option. They are not fancy but can make your room look great. Moreover, you can pair a beadboard wallpaper with floral designs to give your room a special look. On the other hand, if you have designed your room to be contemporary, look into geometric designs with metallic or glossy accents.

Similarly, if you have a traditionally designed room, you should invest into premium damasks and stripes. These designs blend incredibly with traditional home decor.

Consider how the wallpaper will be used

Every room is different. Hence, just pasting the wallpaper on all 4 walls might not work for every room. Hence, you need to plan how you can use the wallpaper in the room.

The staple option in this case is to cover all four walls with the paper. You can go for a simple design like stripes and install them on all four walls. This gives your room a fresh look for years to come. In any similar scenario, you should go simple but large-scale designs. They add a trendy look to the room with overwhelm anyone who looks at the room.

If you face towards a single wall while in a particular room, that is the wall you need to highlight. In this case, you need to select a bold design for that area of the room. This are could be where you hang your TV or the wall behind your sofa. You can go for designs with gloss, mica, or metallic accents.

Another option you have is to add interest to the ceiling. You can go for a tin ceiling look with paintable squares. Paint them in a metallic shade and you have a Victorian-style look of a tin ceiling.

Consider practicality with patterns

The idea of a wallpaper is not just to make your room look pretty. It is essentially an escape from the tedious ordeal of painting each wall in the same way. This shows that practicality is a huge part of selecting wallpapers and interior designs as a whole. As a result, it has certain guidelines that can be beneficial when followed wisely.

For example, wallpapers come in rolls and you have to install them by connecting one roll to the next. However, you have to make it look like one seamless pattern. For this reason, it is suggested to avoid smaller patterns. Using smaller patterns makes it difficult for two rolls to connect properly.

Know the difference between flat and textured patterns

When it comes to wallpapers, choosing a design is about personal style. Between flat and textured patterns, choosing either of the two can get you closer to your desired look or farther. Hence, you need to know what works for you. Generally, textured designs are used to make a room look casual. On the other hand, flat designs give a more refined look.

Textured wallpapers can make your wall look dimensioned. Moreover, they do a great job of hiding any imperfections in the wall. If you still want flexibility with your wall, you can go for paintable textured wallpapers.

With flat wallpapers, you can take advantage of the fine detailing that is often present in flat wallpaper designs. If you have an imperfect wall, you should use a wall liner before setting the wallpaper.

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